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IIA Library welcomes you to the cosmos of information and knowledge. We are one of the oldest yet modern astronomical libraries in the world. The library houses the premium resources for your research and serving with the best kind of facilities possible. This online gateway will help you discover the resources, services, and facilities we provide, more details about us, the guidelines we are adhering to, and other necessary information pertaining to the library.

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Exhibition IIA Library Subscribes to Overleaf Professional Plan
The IIA Library is delighted to extend the offering of Overleaf Professional accounts to all students, faculty, and staff members engaged in research papers and projects. This service provides access to a collaborative, online LaTeX editor, enhancing the efficiency and quality of academic writing. The Overleaf tool efficiently manages formatting tasks by leveraging appropriate templates for research papers, documents, and various content types. This frees users from the complexities of formatting, allowing them to focus solely on developing the substance and clarity of their text. The combination of collaborative editing, automatic formatting, and template support makes Overleaf an invaluable tool for academic and scientific writing.
plagiarism Grammarly subscription renewed through National Knowledge Resource Consortium (NKRC)!
We are delighted to inform you that the Grammarly subscription process has switched from the institute-level subscription to the National Knowledge Resource Consortium (NKRC). Thus, Grammarly (info@em.grammarly.com) sent an email to all IIA Grammarly users with the subject line: You’re invited to join the National Knowledge Resource Consortium on Grammarly. Existing Grammarly users are requested to accept the invitation to use the account within 30 days of receiving the mail to continue the service.
Exhibition 28 titles (textbook) are added to the IIA Library collection!
We recently added 28 unique titles with multiple copies of textbooks from astronomy and astrophysics disciplines to our library collection. IIA library always ensures user satisfaction by meeting the user’s needs with the collection development. These books are purchased based on suggestions from the students and the board of graduate studies (BGS).
Exhibition  Tablet Kiosks for Online Public Access Catalogue!
To enhance user experience, the IIA library has recently installed Tablet Kiosks. These state-of-the-art kiosks provide library patrons with seamless access to a vast collection of resources of IIA. Acting as an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), these kiosks enable users to effortlessly search for and locate books, journals, e-books, e-journals, multimedia materials, and other items available in the library’s extensive collection.
Exhibition  Installed Patron In-out management system at IIA Library!
The IIA library has taken a significant step towards modernizing its operations with the development of a library patron-in-out management system. This web-based application, seamlessly integrated with the library’s portal, aims to enhance the tracking and monitoring of library users. By scanning the barcode from individual user ID cards provided by the IIA library, this system efficiently manages the flow of patrons in and out of the library. The patron data will be fetched from the library portal database along with the images and displayed on this system. This system can use to generate statistical reports regarding library visits, usage collections, and usage of reading spaces with accurate information.

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