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We aim to connect the knowledge cosmos in the field of astrophysics and astronomy among the entire scientific community under a single library platform. We seek to be a catalyst for finding in- depth collaborative solutions providing a rich, intuitive and seamless environment for sharing, preserving, and publishing your research work.

We recognize the user as our primary focus through our innovative and proactive initiatives. We are maintaining our user's privacy and promoting equality to access to information. We are making a strenuous effort to critically contribute in achieving IIA's research strategies by developing the scholarly collection. Guiding researchers in data collection, management, and dissemination and developing skills to use the research tools to enhance their research work exposure is also a part of our strategic priorities.

Our Strategic Priorities:

  • We enable our staff to build efficiency to offer expert research services through desktop and remote access to electronic information.
  • We provide immediate, high-quality information and full-service research guidance for high carrying out high-level research projects.
  • We are specializing in the collection, preservation, and dissemination of library policy and management information.
  • We are fostering learning, information awareness, information literacy, and management in astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Creating information products that anticipate IIA user’s needs.
  • To meet user’s needs and requirements, providing value added services.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of library services by developing team oriented work environment.
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