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IIA Library brings all possible ways to support the research endeavours of the faculties, researchers, and students of the institute through the full research support services as a part of the integrated Information Management framework.
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Collaborative Writing Tool

wosOverleaf is an online collaborative writing and publishing tool that significantly streamlines the creation, editing, and publishing of scientific documents. It offers an intuitive LaTeX editor with real-time collaboration, ensuring that the fully compiled output is automatically generated in the background as you type. This seamless integration of writing and formatting features makes writing and editing scientific documents much quicker and easier.
Why use Overleaf?
The IIA Library is delighted to extend the offering of Overleaf Professional accounts to all students, faculty, and staff members engaged in research papers and projects. This service provides access to a collaborative, online LaTeX editor, enhancing the efficiency and quality of academic writing. The Overleaf tool efficiently manages formatting tasks by leveraging appropriate templates for research papers, documents, and various content types. This frees users from the complexities of formatting, allowing them to focus solely on developing the substance and clarity of their text. The combination of collaborative editing, automatic formatting, and template support makes Overleaf an invaluable tool for academic and scientific writing.

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Access Details:
Step 1: If you have an existing Overleaf account linked to your personal email ID, ensure that you are logged out completely.
Step 2: Sign up for Overleaf using your IIA email ID (@iia.res.in) at https://www.overleaf.com/register, and then follow the instructions to finish the registration process.
Step 3: Confirm your registration by sending an email to the library.
Step 4: The library team will grant an Overleaf Professional plan access. You will soon receive an invitation email from Overleaf welcome@overleaf.com with the subject line: IIA Library (library@iiap.res.in) has invited you to join a group subscription on Overleaf. Please check your spam filter to release the email if you have not received it.
Step 5: Click the "Join now" button in the email to join the group subscription and experience the benefits of an upgraded Overleaf account.

We encourage you to explore Overleaf and take advantage of its features to enhance your work. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact library@iiap.res.in
Citation Databases

Web of Science:

wosWeb of Science is the global citation database; it has a rich collection of citation indexes covering disciplines of Science, Social Science, Arts, Humanities, having 171 million records across 256 subject areas. It acts as a standard data set laying the foundation for the journal impact metrics found in the Journal Citation Reports and the institutional performance metrics found in InCites. It can export the items to bibliographic managers like Endnotes, Refworks, etc.

Why use the Web of Science?
The standard search language, navigation environment, and data structure of the Web of Science will allow the researcher to search broadly across several resources. It also uses the citation links related to the index to search the relevant research results and measure impact.

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adsThe Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is a digital repository of around eight million physics astronomy and papers from various peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed sources. Abstracts are available free online for almost all articles, and full scanned articles are available in Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and Portable Document Format (PDF) for older items.

Why use ADS? ADS serves as an essential astronomical research tool where researchers can carry out their literature search within seconds by navigating through a single search interface. It indexes papers from three databases, i.e., from astronomy, physics, and pre-prints of arXiv. Here, researchers can browse the articles through subjects instead of the journal name. Search results provided by ADS contain synonyms of the queried terms resulting in the widening of the research spectrum. With the help of the citation helper tool, any researchers can obtain a list of the top ten papers which cite/cited in the original list

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Reference Management Software

Reference Management Software or Citation Management Software enables researchers to build their bibliographies in various citation styles (example: APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).


mendeleyMendeley software is known as a reference manager. The academics and research scholars can use this software to share their research works and manage bibliographies for scholarly publications. Mendeley is free to use and available in two versions, desktop and web-based. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Why to use Mendeley?
Researchers can use Mendeley as a collaborating platform among several researchers to discover research papers as per their research interests. It serves as a research support tool that enables auto-generation and easy migration of bibliographies from a different reference management software. It has the facility of anywhere-anytime access to the library. It also supports career development and funding.

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zoteroZotero is a open-source, free and reference management software that manages bibliographic data and related research materials in word processing files. Zotero's unique features include integrating web browsers, synchronizing online, creating bibliographies, footnotes, and in-text citations, and integration with the word processors Microsoft Word, Libre Office Writer, and Google Docs.

Why use Zotero?
The software Zotero gives a direct response by the developer itself when the researcher makes a query. The Zotero users need not to share their files by creating a Zotero account; instead, they can store their data on their computer and share through Zotero sync. It allows users to add notes, attachments, and notes to the item. It also enables to add a message and save a snapshot of web pages.

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This digital repository of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bangalore, India, is developed to collect, organize, share and preserve the research publications of IIA. It also includes the in-house technical reports and annual reports, and various other grey literature created within the institute. Users can search, browse, and access the full text of these publications from the repository.

Why use Repository@IIA?
IIA library encourages the researcher to use the repository because it guarantees long-term preservation and access to their scholarly materials. One can even share the resources easily using persistent links to facilitate discovery and reuse among the entire global scholar community.

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Anti Plagiarism Software

ithenticateiThenticate is the pre-eminent tool for researchers and academicians to check their original works for possible plagiarism. It compares the documents (including journal article manuscripts, proposals, research reports, annual reports, patents, pre-prints, thesis, dissertations and conference proceedings, etc.) against millions of published works available through the Internet and subscription databases.

Why use iThenticate?
Using iThenticate, authors can ensure that they have correctly cited the reference sources and included the highest quality of their research work. Since iThenticate is embedded into a renowned publisher's workflow and process, so it allows the researchers to build confidence in them by letting them know that they have the same information as in the publishers' website.

Get your access here  |  Access details: subscribed, details are given below |  Self help documentations

Access Details:
Academic and technical staff have direct access to iThenticate.
• Every academic staff will receive an email from noreplay@ithenticate.com.
• To begin using iThenticate, please visithttps://app.ithenticate.com.
• You have to log in using your username (your IIA email id) and password, provided in an email you received.
• Then it would be best if you changed the password when you first log in, reset the password, and log in again.

Students and Researcher (Integrated MTech-PhD, JRF, SRF and PDF) are encouraged to use iThenticate with support from their supervisor as a tool to advance their understanding of good academic integrity practices.

Academic Writing Aid

grammarlyGrammarly is an English language online writing tool using artificial intelligence. Grammarly's product offers grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection services along with suggestions about writing clarity, concision, vocabulary, delivery style, and tone.

Why use Grammarly?
IIA library recommends Grammarly as a must-use software for the entire research community because it is free and easy to use. It also increases the vocabulary through the Vocabulary Enhancement Function that replaces the vague words with more precise and more robust words. One can also check plagiarism through Grammarly.

Get your access here  |  Access details: subscribed, details are given below |  Self help documentations

Access Details:
Step 1: Go to the URL https://www.grammarly.com/edu.
Step 2: Click on the option "Join Your Organization", then complete the "self-service form." Users are requested register their respective official email id (@iiap.res.in)
Step 3: An activation/confirmation email will be sent to the user's institutional email ID, after clicking the signup button.
Step 4: Finally, verify the activation mail from Grammarly. Once registered, users will be directed to 'Grammarly Editor.'

Personalized Researcher IDs:

Personalized Researcher ID initiative was developed to eradicate the author name ambiguity in scholarly communication. It acts as an identifying system for scientific authors that distinguishes one researcher from the other, simultaneously connecting research with the researcher. It is common to cite the name, surname, and initials of an article's authors in any scientific and academic literature; researchers can use these IDs to claim their published works and link their unique and persistent ID numbers to their works for right recognition. In this way, researchers can also keep their publication list up to date and online.

Why use ResearcherID?
All the researchers of IIA are recommended to build their personalized ResearcherID. It helps to gain the author exposure and credit among the entire global scholar community by using the unique ID provided by ORCID. The unique ID serves as a lifelong digital identifier that will stay under the author name and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


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Get your access here  | Access details: free  |  Self help documentations


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