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From our humble beginning in 1786 as the Madras Observatory, the library traces its origin as the oldest Astronomy library in India. Officially the library was set up in 1899 at Kodaikanal, and later most of the collections were moved to Bangalore. Since then, our services have been dedicated entirely to this premium institute's Astronomy and Astrophysics users and have proved to be one of India's best research libraries. The services and resources that we hold are the bedrock on which the scientific community of IIA builds its high standard of learning, teaching, and research. The benefits are readily accessible by the user to complete collections of print and online astronomy resources. With 20400+ volumes of books and approximately 2500+ active serial titles, the collection's breadth is exceptional. The collection's particular strengths include materials on observational astronomy and theoretical physics and astrophysics, and back volumes of many-core journals from Vol. 1.

We are on the road to digitization, keeping the traditional resources available for the users' sake. We combine conventional roles with an ongoing commitment to transforming the library services to aid the institute in achieving its objectives. Our library community takes pride in the services we provide and the initiatives that are yet to be checked in the future roadmap for our valued users. You can consider the IIA library as an indispensable embellishment that acts as a trinity between the library resources, users, and the staff working for the prestigious institution.


Support scholarly production by proactively reaching our IIA user community and incorporating strong library ethics through high quality library services.


Envision astronomical research growth and development through scholarly community eyes by effective information collection, storage, retrieval, and dissemination.



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